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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> friday! >> oh, yeah! >> we are excited today. looks like a great day ahead weather-wise. temperatures in the 50s. some patchy fog outside. by the afternoon, should be a great day. we will have more on that and the weekend forecast coming up. >> and we have barely a car coming toward the san francisco this morning across the golden gate bridge. we'll have the latest drive times plus a check of mass transit if you want to kickback on this friday morning coming up. >> thank you. 4:30 is the time now. sfo crews are working around the clock to clean up the wreckage of asiana flight 214. airport managers hope to have runway 28 left open by the weekend. on sunday ntsb will cut up and store the remainder of the plane's fuselage in a secure location in the bay area. feds will save pieces to be taken to washington, d.c. for further analysis. investigators say the engines and the automatic flight controls were all working normally before saturday's crash. the pilot told them that he saw
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a flash of light but it did not affect his vision. congresswoman jackie speier posted these new photos on facebook last night after she toured the crash site with house minority leader nancy pelosi. both california lawmakers say they were impressed by the work of the first responders and the ntsb. >> the carnage that exists at that fuselage is horrific. and we are so grateful that so many lives were saved and that our first responders were there to make sure that they got out when they did. >> it was emotional. but what is impressive to me is that as emotional it was for us to just arrive and see it after carrying it in our hearts all week after seeing it in the news, after the people on the ground, the chairman hersman and others, they have to deal with it minute by minute the first responders so they have to be unemotional about a very
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emotional thing. >> kpix 5's allen martin shows us a new perspective on the crash and a better idea of what should have happened during the landing. reporter: this animation shows how flight 214 came into sfo. the second blue image is how it should have approached the runway. and about 9 seconds before impact a pilot makes the first comment about speed. you can see how much higher 214 should be. just after that, the plane's tail starts to drop. the first call to aboard the landing is too late. the rear landing gear slams into the rock wall at the end of the runway then the tail of the plane. >> one thing to note about that animation, the blue plane is meant to show the proper flight path but to make the comparison it had to be slowed down well beyond the proper speed 214 should have been going. three crash victims are still in critical condition this morning at san francisco general hospital. a spokesman says one of them is a juvenile and at stanford hospital two patients are in serious and good conditions.
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california pacific medical center has three patients in good condition. and saint mary's and st. francis each has a patient in stable condition. stay right here with kpix 5 for the latest updates on the crash- landing. head to to see more video of the crash. hear the 911 cause and read survivor stories, as well. this morning, searchers will return to martin luther king regional shoreline to search for a missing toddler. the fbi and oakland police used an underwater robot to scour the waters there yesterday. daphne webb and her father visited this area frequently. john webb says someone took her from the back seat of his suv on wednesday. kpix 5's christin ayers tells us police are focusing on the story the girl's father told them. reporter: >> time is of the essence. >> reporter: a search on the water and in the sky for any shred of evidence related to daphne's disappearance. >> we are going to continue to go yard by yard, house by
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house, block by block. >> reporter: the toddler's father john behind bars today facing a felony child endangerment count for leaving the little girl in his suv with his mother, who suffers from dementia. webb told authorities he went inside this store and when he returned, daphne was gone. witnesses reported seeing a long--- a long-haired black or hispanic woman in the area. the search for daphne looks like a recovery. >> it's important to balance the missing person and the kidnapping at the same time, leaving the focus open if there should be foul play. >> reporter: police and fbi agents surrounded and searched webb's home last night. today they used a high-tech robot to comb the murky waters of shoreline park where web and his daughter were known to spend time. we wanted to see how murky visibility is for the robot police are using to search the
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estuary so no match for the dirt and debris in the waterway. oakland police are using sonar technology to sift through it. >> your visual is approximately two feet depending on the weather. so the sonar can identify an object and then the camera on the robot is able to go in and look at the object and verify. >> reporter: but so far the robot has come up empty and time is ticking. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> 4:35 now. bart managers and union workers head back to the bargaining table today. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich says this time, a round of negotiations could be ugly. >> reporter: it was a regular bart board meeting that turned into a showdown. >> we love to serve the public but we would be prepared for the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s. >> reporter: that's when a labor dispute shut down bart for three months.
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we asked kpix 5 insider phil matier, should riders be worried? >> riders should be worried. after all, bart struck once and people weren't expecting it. this time, we're dealing with some very, very difficult issues. the top one being, how much employees are going to play into their -- pay into their healthcare programs. >> reporter: when you hear that kind of tough talk, what do you think? >> i think they need to get their stuff together. it impacts people. people have to get to work. >> reporter: as a bart rider are you aware that the clock is ticking for another strike. >> i wasn't aware of that until you pointed it out just now. >> it's a fake-out on both sides. >> reporter: here's your chance as a required. what's your message, what do you want to say? >> get yourself together! stop it. >> reporter: matier says tough talk or not, one thing is for sure. >> you have a very volatile situation here involving management plus a number of different unions. anything could happen! >> reporter: we wanted to find out what bart management had to
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say about all of this, specifically about the tough talk and about a looming strike. they didn't address that. however, they did say they're making progress in the bart negotiations. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the contract extension is for 30 days. if no deal is reached, unions could walk out again on august 4. in florida, the jury in the george zimmerman murder trial will hear closing arguments from the defense this morning. cbs news' marlie hall reports the jurors will then have to decide whether symphony killed trayvon martin in cold -- whether zimmerman killed trayvon martin in cold blood or trying to defend himself. reporter: george zimmerman's fate will be handed over to the jury today. the all-female jury will have to decide whether the neighborhood watch volunteer committed a crime the night he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> this is outrageous! >> reporter: despite defense objections, judge nelson ruled
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the jury to consider second- degree murder and manslaughter. >> hate, malice, so manslaughter is a killing without justification. >> reporter: prosecutors say zimmerman did have malice and hatred for martin. >> to quote the defendant and pardon my language, he was one of those [ censored ] that get away. pardon my language. he was one of those [ censored ] punks. >> reporter: but in closing arguments this morning, the defense is expected to claim murder and manslaughter charges don't apply because zimmerman shot martin to save his own life. >> he believed it was self- defense or second-degree murder you have to believe it was self- defense for everything else. >> reporter: a verdict could come this evening and police in sanford and miami are on standby in case there is a violent reaction to the decision. >> we want people to be vocal but not violent. >> reporter: miami's police director met with church leaders yesterday in the event the jury's decision sparks outrage. >> raise your voice and not your hands. >> reporter: here in sanford
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the sheriff's department has been running tv ads calling for peace after the verdict. marlie hall for cbs news, sanford, florida. >> police in nearby miami have been undergoing riot training this week. officials there say it's purely coincidental and that it's an annual mandatory training. but the police officers union says it's a little too coincidental pointing out the yearly training has not taken place since 2011. today boston police are going to dig up the body of the man believed to have been the boston strangler. albert desalvo was killed in prison back in 1973. he had confessed to the boston strangler murders of 11 women in the 60s but never convicted of them. dna taken from his nephew links him from the final murder. them desalvo's dna to confirm it. today the texas state senate will vote on a bill calling for restrictions on abortion. it appears the measure will pass. but so far, a democratic
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filibuster and protests have prevented the bill from becoming law. extra police officers will be at the state capital today and anyone who breaks the rules will be thrown in jail. in newtown, connecticut a plan is in the two to distribute more than $7 million donated for the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. the families of the 26 children and adults who were killed are expected to get $281,000 each. families of 12 surviving children will get $20,000 under the proposal. 4:40. let's check the weather. we all want to know how the weekend is going to be. >> i'm feeling good on this friday. i don't know about you guys. >> well -- >> so far, so good. it's before 5:00 in the morning. >> 'nuf said. [ laughter ] >> should be a good weekend. we'll notice some changes as we will see less cloud cover over the weekend at least inland and maybe warmer. outside plenty of patchy fog to begin the day. temperatures starting out mainly in the 50s. around the bay you have 53 degrees in santa rosa. 54 in san jose. you have the patchy fog that will slowly work toward the
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coastline today leaving behind a little sunshine. the temperatures some gradual warming. yesterday into the 70s and 80s inland. today probably about 86 degrees in livermore. about 64 degrees in san francisco. more on that weekend forecast coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. a whole lot of nothing going on outside on our chp reports. no incidents. that's the good news. if you have to get to work this morning, so far your east bay travel times are all in the green all in the clear category including on westbound 580 through the altamont pass. you can beat the later morning rush by heading out now. up and down the nimitz they cleared some overnight roadwork ahead of schedule. and westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze that drive time now 19 minutes. getting a check of mass transit so far this morning, bart systemwide on time. muni around san francisco also good to go. caltrain and ace train number 1 also reporting no delay. let show you a couple of live traffic cameras. 880 near the oakland coliseum, where everything is moving fine
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this morning all the way up towards downtown. we'll have more traffic coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. parents from low-income families are lining up this morning in san jose to get free school supplies for their children. it's the 11th annual back a pack program, at sacred heart community service on south first street. today is for registration only between 9:30 this morning and 4 p.m. next month, the group will distribute 2300 backpacks each containing a variety of school supplies. 4:42. coming up on this friday after a series of setbacks, the america's cup races will go on. but if plans fall short who will pay? >> might want to start stocking up on your regular unleaded. why oil analysts are expecting gas prices to go up big time and when.
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restored. a retired superior court judge sided with mayor chuck refusing to san jose police officers won't be getting salaries restored. a retired superior court judge cited with mayor chuck reed
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yesterday refusing to restore a 10% pay cut put into place two years ago to save the city money. the judge said giving it back would have resulted in more cuts in the department. the officers are fed up. >> i'm worried. we still have the exodus of officers. 70 last year, more this year. >> there will continue to be a delayed response time to emergency calls. a tree crashed on the southbound 101 in sausalito. it caused quite the traffic tie- up. the eucalyptus took down a caltrans sign. there it is. it hit two cars yesterday and blocked three southbound lanes for 45 minutes. no drivers were injured. it's a contest that is uniquely san francisco. yesterday's cable car bell ringing competition kicked off an amateur competition followed by the main contest with the
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muni cable car operators. last year's champ trini whitaker fended off six other challengers. he has style. he kept his title. have you been on a cable car yet? >> i have. >> just checking. >> a little scary going down because the brakes didn't seem to be working too well. >> they go down those steep hills and you hear the winding of the cables as you go by. really neat part of san francisco. >> it's fun. temperatures going to warm up toward the weekend. right now though we are starting out with gray skies early on. the temperatures mainly into the 50s. i think by the afternoon, low clouds and fog going to peel back and leave behind lots of sunshine. 60s and 70s at the bay, 60s at the coastline and lots of cloud cover. better get used to that. that's not going to change a lot. high pressure to the east, you have the trough to the north and that will keep the temperature down a little. over the weekend the ridge will strengthen so it will warm up in the interior but cool at the beaches. not much in the way of sunshine
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at all there. temperatures, we are expecting to see sun into san jose. 78 degrees. 87 and warm in morgan hill. 74 in fremont. 60s at the coastline. plenty of 80s in the valleys this afternoon. and inside the bay the sea breeze will keep you cool at 64 degrees in san francisco. and 60 and cloudy in daly city. next couple of days, a little more sunshine temperatures warmer no major changes over the next five to seven days. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we'll start off this morning with a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we know that's where a lot of folks will be heading this morning trying to get into san francisco. and as you can see, everything looks good this morning. westbound and eastbound no major delays either if you are heading towards oakland. let's get a check of the san mateo bridge now. this is what it looks like, this is the commute direction westbound 92 so obviously on the flat section of the bridge, it's quiet and looks good towards the high-rise and coming up towards hayward quiet 14 minutes is the drive time now. in fact, we'll show you more drive times.
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on westbound 580, this is usually one of our first spots to get busy out of tracy but so far everything looks great out of livermore. no delay westbound or eastbound towards the dublin interchange. highway 4 again this is how you can tell it's friday. usually at this time of the morning we see a couple of yellow sensors but nothing this morning off the antioch bridge and looks good past lone tree and continuing towards 242 in concord. heading towards milpitas now the silicon valley ride westbound 237 headlights are coming westbound quiet commute towards milpitas. and again if you want to ride bart on this friday morning, ditch the roads altogether, everything so far is good to go on mass transit including bart and the stops heading towards downtown san francisco. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to the desk. >> thank you. an international sailing federation threw out new safety regulations for the america's cup races in san francisco. they upheld a two-team protest.
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the regatta director overstepped his authority and has to go back to the coast guard to get a revised permit for the race. former mayor gavin newsom described the sailing event as the super bowl and the world series put together. but kpix 5's linda yee reports the entire event seems like a letdown so far. reporter: all the pomp, the cheers, the expectations -- >> potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, that's official. >> reporter: actually an estimated $1.4 billion in revenue for san francisco. >> there is a big deal. >> reporter: but the champagne has gone flat and the race hasn't even started. the race went from 12 challengers to 3 and they are fighting about the rules. one sponsor louis vuitton wants a refund. >> 22 knots, there's the gun -- >> reporter: and the first regatta was boycotted. only one boat raced itself last weekend. the expected tens of thousands of spectators haven't materialized. are we in the hole?
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>> not yet, no. >> reporter: wait, listen again. >> not yet, no. >> reporter: on the positive side, the waterfront looks great at the america's cup park. it's just that the bars and cafes are empty. how much has that cost the city so far? >> about $10 million. we estimate our total cost will be about $20 million. less people means lower costs. >> reporter: certainly wasn't the way it was envisioned when we first said we got it. >> i think everyone would agree that nothing turned out the way it was discussed three years ago. >> reporter: one of the biggest critics of the cup and defending champion larry ellison can now say, i told you so. >> this is not the first time a bunch of starry-eyed politicians have been bamboozled by an arrogant billionaire. >> reporter: so it might look like a very slow start for the businesses and the races around the america's cup. but one of the sponsors, louis vuitton, has a special limited edition bag that is apparently flying off the shelves. in fact, the store here doesn't even have a copy to show me. i do have a picture that they
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sent us in an email with a price tag of $1,430 each. maybe lv can take back their refund requests. >> let's come out on saturday and watch the boats race. >> reporter: will there be more than one boat this saturday? >> two boats on saturday. >> reporter: optimism is about all the city can bank for now. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> so far, the city has enough money to pay for its share of the costs but fundraising has fallen short and corporate sponsors are not coming together. in the end, the city could be on hook for $8 million in losses. 4:51 now. californians are paying about 10 times more than they should when buying common drugs that treat heart disease, cancer and other serious conditions. california public interest research group has uncovered the practice known as pay for delay. that's when pharmaceutical companies pay off generic manufacturers to keep lower costs equivalents off the market. >> pay for delay is and he
4:52 am
egregious policy driven solely by greed with blatant disregard for consumers who are struggling who with their doctors manage their illnesses. >> among the drugs found in the pay for delay program, tamoxifen, lipitor, cipro and nexium. calpirg says drug companies made more than $98 billion while generics were delayed. congress is now looking at making the practice illegal. 4:52. coming up, more major airlines are showing up late to the gate. which one is the worst offender? and what could be to blame for all those delays? >> and can't live without your smartphone? the most unusual places we're checking our devices. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] to all you burger aficionados...
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we have the as and red sox partly cloudy a little cool if
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you are headed out to the game tonight. >> could be a fun game, cause some traffic tie-ups as wellful but for right now on the roads this is what it looks like on some of your bridges. golden gate bridge they should be doing some lane changes here any minute. bay bridge toll plaza and san mateo bridge no delay approaching the toll plazas. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. drivers may be in for sticker shock at the gas pump next month. oil analysts say that's when the cost of filling up your tank may go up by 25 to 30 cents a gallon. oil traders say the increase is being driven by turmoil in oil producing countries like egypt, syria, iraq and brazil. more u.s. airlines are late and in may five planes were stuck on the tarmac for more than 3 hours. new government figures from the month show 79% of domestic flights were not delayed. the may results are better than april when airlines blamed furloughs on federal air traffic controllers that caused nearly one in four flights to be late. hawaiian airlines had the best
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time arrival rate while american eagle had the worst. the church and shower are just some of the places that some people feel the need to check their smartphones if you can believe it. 19% check text messages or fielded phone calls in church and 12% in the shower. 9% of them use their mobile device during sex. >> okay -- >> 72% of americans are within five feet of their device most of the time of. i don't know. i think -- >> the shower thing is baffling. >> all of it is. 4:56. inviting to some, annoying to others. why the smell of bacon is pitting a san francisco business against its neighbors, coming up. >> reporter: a small fire breaks out overnight at the wreckage of asiana flight 214. we have the latest and information from a
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congressional visit yesterday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we would be prepared for the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s. >> tough talk from the bart union. the issue bart and union leaders are working on for today's contract talks. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in oakland where new details about a missing toddler are unfolding. we'll tell you why her father is now in the hot seat. >> getting ready for the weekend. will it be clouds, sunshine or maybe a little bit of both? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and our traffic sensors are beginning to change colors right now through the livermore valley. your latest drive times. we'll have that coming up. good morning, it's friday, july 12. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. and as lawrence said, the weekend is nearly here! and we need to talk about weather, don't we? >> yes, we do. >> bring it on. >> yeah, guys. we are socked into that summer pattern now and it looks like it's going to stick around through the weekend, although
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maybe some slight warming. otherwise low clouds and fog to start off the day early on. temperatures holding mainly into the 50s outside. i think as we look toward the afternoon, low clouds will break up and peel back toward the coastline but you can see pretty good cloud deck right now and so it's going to take time for it to break up leaving behind a little sunshine inland and those temperatures some gradual warming for today. up in the 80s in some of the valleys as high as 86 in livermore, 84 in concord, but only about 64 degrees a little breezy maybe a couple of leftover clouds into san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. at 5:00, our delays are beginning to build in some parts of the bay area. your usual spots. so that would be westbound 580 as you approach the dublin interchange, starting to get crowded approaching 680. but it's actually farther east where we're really seeing the delays from the altamont pass. out to the bay bridge now and over the toll plaza no metering lights, so yeah, everything is great, so far just light summer traffic towards the pay gates and once again no metering